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This is a monotematic tour: the big Po River with its animals, birds, channels, fishes and pink flamingos. The Po Delta is 400 km² large and is formed by 6 branches: Po di Venezia, Po di Levante, Po di Maistra, Po di Goro, Po della Donzella, Po di Tolle. Please, come and live this wonderful experience!

  • Duration: 2 days, 1 night   
  • Minimu number of  participants: from 4 people
  • Price per person: 160 euro

The offer includes:

⦁ Welcoming guests on arrival at Bologna Train Station/Airport.
⦁ Pick-up and drop-off guests to Bologna/Rimini Airport (on request).
⦁ Hotel check-in and check-out assistance.
⦁ 24 hours support for any emergency.
⦁ Two days of private tours, custom made by an official tour guide. The tours can be done on foot/bus/bike. Bike and boat fees included.
⦁ N. 2 lunch/dinners as detailed below.
⦁ We can recommend and reserve the best hotel, an estate built by the Venetian Patrician Family called “Zen, in the beginning of 1700.



First day:  The south land of the Delta.

It’s one of the most important wetlands in Europe, a paradise for naturalists, biologists, birdwatchers and tourists. We will visit the Delta of the great river Po, travelling on a small boat led by an expert of the live and history of this river.

  • Morning : the  Castle of Mesola, one of the wonderful Delizie Estensi.

  •    Lunch: fish and seafood in a local restaurant of exceptional quality.

  •    Afternoon: sailing the river Po you will enjoy the enormous variety of bird and waterways.

  • Bed and breakfast: in a wonderful eighteenth century villa

  Second day : the North part  of the Po di Maistra

  •    Morning : Walking along the banks to discover the fishermen's village

  • Lunch: in a local restaurant we will eat as 25 years ago

  • Afternoon: sayling the big River trough its  canals, its paddles, its mouth. 

We are arrived at the end od the tour... We come back...........

Information and reservation: Piera Angela Bezzi
cell +39 3478004649
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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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