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Ravenna is in Italy the heart of the contemporary art. Today as of yesterday, the city is distinguished by the quality of its undisputed Masters of Mosaic Art. From the Roman period until the Longobard people, the city had an unusual style of architecture, sculpture in ivory and mosaic. Even today Ravenna remains the centre of numerous mosaic workshops keeping alive the tradition of restoration and conservation of mosaics. This tour, aimed at those interested in discovering and creating a mosaic work, is divided in two parts:- workshop of 4 hours to create a very own mosaic souvenir to take home,- a bike tour in the lagoons and pinewoods of Ravenna - a guided tour to appreciate some best mosaics of Ravenna churches (Unesco Heritage). 

  • Duration: 1 day (4 hour of guided tour plus 4 hours of mosaic laboratory).
  • Minimum Number of participants: from 4 to 10 people
  • Price per person: 75 euro


                                                                The package includes:

  • Four hours of mosaic course in Ravenna/Marina Romea, held by some artists and specialists in mosaic art.
  • The cost of materials and the product manufactured by the students (mosaics of 20x20cm).
  • The entry fees to the church.
  • A guided tour (4 hours) with a team of official bikers and guides
  • Bike rental.

Its a specific course of study design and realization of mosaic, with particular attention to the relationship with the raw materials and their processing. Mosaic has been considered a sort of 'eternal painting' since Roman times. When the fragmented pieces typical of a mosaic surface meet the light, a sort of painting, with a sculptural depth, is generated. 
One part of the tour represents a fascinating journey through the ancient art of the mosaic: you can admire Roman, Byzantine mosaics, an extraordinary experience for you. You will discover the origine of the images painted in the Byzantine churches of Ravenna cycling the pinewoods and the marshes surrounding the city. 

In the other part of the tour each student will make a copy of an ancient mosaic from the Roman or Byzantine period, cemented directly onto a substrate. You'll participate in every phase of the creation of your piece (except for the cutting of material into small pieces using traditional tools, however you will see a cutting demonstration).
You can choose between marble, glass (smalti) tessere, depending on which design you have chosen to copy.

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